Psychotherapeutic Business Consulting

I have combined 15 years coaching and leadership experience with active listening and counselling skills to offer a new approach to business development and growth. I have 30 years working in education as a teacher, Deputy Headteacher and Headteacher so I am well versed in growing and coaching teams. I have experience of strategic decision making.


As a leader or CEO you may know the direction you want your company to go in but how do you get everyone on board? You may also have the beginnings of ideas for you and your company but are not sure what to do next? You might also want space to reflect your ideas, thoughts and development ideas with a consultant who understands not only leadership but personal goals and well being as well.

I can work 1.1 but I also offer team development where I can guide you through your project from start to completion. All my work is bespoke to you and your company.


Consultation rate

£80 per hour

£500 per day

Shaping teams